Smart Home Sensor

Protect your home, your neighbors’ peace and quiet and your guests’ privacy with Minut. Get real-time analytics and notifications on noise, motion, temperature, humidity in your  property, from anywhere in the world. Prevent parties, look after your home and build trust with neighbors. All without compromising on privacy.

Price: €149/£129/$129+VAT

Starter: Free
1 user & 1 home
Standard: $7.99/home/month
Multiple users & multiple homes
Pro: $14.99/home/month
Automated guest communication, PMS integrations & API access

Dos & Don’ts

Do say...

  • Minut is 100% privacy safe and we never record or store any data 
  • Minut does not only monitor noise levels, but also motion, temperature and humidity in the home
  • Minut offers a monthly plan that fits everyone’s needs: whether you have one or multiple homes, or if you want automated guest communication, PMS integrations and API access
  • Minut does not only help to protect a home but also respects guests and neighborhoods
  • Please follow us on social media and encourage your followers to tag our channels in captions or posts whenever possible

Don’t say...

  • Please don’t call the Minut home sensor by its old name “Point”
  • Please don’t say that Minut is a smoke detector, but do say that it makes your smoke detector smart by recognising its sound
  • Please don’t say that the discount  code is valid for subscriptions, the code works for the hardware only