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Our Mission

To provide our members with the necessary leadership, resources and education to successfully operate a short-term rental in Las Vegas.


VVRA supports continuing education, such as accredited classes, e-courses, and seminars specifically designed for short term rental owners and property managers. We encourage our members to become STR Certified through the intensive two-day course hosted by The College of Southern Nevada (CSN).


When you join VVRA, you receive a comprehensive range of significant benefits for vacation rental owners and guests, such as 24-hour security services and noise monitoring for your rental home. We make it easy to find top quality service providers and products that will improve your business.


VVRA helps you comply with all applicable laws, from licensure and permitting to understanding the details that will make your business community and neighborhood-friendly while providing an outstanding experience for your guests.

What our members think

  • Vegas Vacation Rental Association has been a great tool for business relationships and support in the community. Owners and managers are able to communicate in an open forum with others and discuss pertinent matters. With the strong leadership the Association has, I am able to support and advocate for important issues.

    Las Vegas
  • Days before my presentation of my planning application to the LV planning commission, Annette with VVRA reached out with a plethora of information regarding the ordinance. This insightful education was NOT included in any of the information provided by the city during the application process. VVRA provided the City Council with str stats to back up my presentation in successfully procuring my SUP. I've seen first hand how VVRA educates community leaders; knows all-things str's; and is a great resource for property owners interested in legally renting short term!

    Las Vegas
  • The Vegas Vacation Rental Association has been instrumental in helping me to navigate the ever changing short term rental legal landscape in Las Vegas. I am honored to be connected with these brave local influencers. My hope is that if we stick together, we will fully convince the City Council that short term rental hosts are simply neighborly business professionals looking to fulfill the tourism demand with nearly zero neighborhood impact while earning substantial tax revenue for our local community.

    Las Vegas
  • Like many owners, I received the paralyzing notice from code enforcement. I called several law firms and most firms had no idea about how to handle the notice, but several offered to help me for a $2,500.00 to $3,500.00 retainer and they could not promise me any positive results. I searched through months of emails and finally found one from the VVRA. I called and immediately found comfort in the answers and navigated through the rehabilitation process. I am only doing long term rentals until the law changes in the county. I saved thousands of dollars in attorney fees. This is the best membership if you want to know what's going on and need help. Thank you VVRA!

    Las Vegas